Five Tips for Securing Your Doorway Without Losing Ventilation

Security doors can be essential if you want to keep your home or business secure from unwanted intruders. Worried that adding a strong door will keep out intruders as well as fresh air? Luckily, there are multiple options that can help.

1. Opt for a Security Screen Door

In some cases, a screen door can provide the security you need. There are all kinds of security screens featuring mesh that can't be cut through or pushed through. If you want a bit of air, you simply open your main door but leave the security screen closed and locked. Viola — you have security and fresh air.

2. Consider a Metal Screen Door

If you can't find a door with security mesh that you like, you may want to consider a metal security door, in the style of a classic wrought iron door. These are ideal when you live in areas without lots of insects. Essentially, the screen door provides the same function as having bars on the windows.

Make sure that you choose a sturdy type of metal that can't easily be bent or broken. A security expert can give you advice on the type of door that may work. Also make sure that the bars are close enough together so that no one can reach inside the door and unlock it.

3. Enhance Your Existing Screen Door

If you don't have money to invest in a new security door or security screen at the moment, you may want to reinforce your existing screen door. In particular, you can replace existing screen with security screen, and you can add security film to windows. That film makes it hard for anyone to break the glass using blunt force. If you strengthen your existing screen door, that allows you to open your main door and feel relatively comfortable with your screen door open.

4. Think About Louvres

In areas where you don't even want to risk just having a screen door between you and the outside world, you may want to opt for a classic, heavy, metal security door. However, to boost the ventilation in your facility, don't pick a solid door. Rather, look for a door with louvered panels. That allows air to circulate through the door without compromising your security.

5. Strength the Frame

Finally, if you like the level of ventilation you get with your existing doors, you may want to stick with your current doors. At the same time, you can increase your security by putting in new door frames. Even just lining your existing frames with metallic stripes can help.