3 Reasons to Add a Monitoring Service to Your Home Security System

If you're looking at home security systems at the moment, you have to decide whether to manage the system yourself or whether to sign up for a monitoring service. While any alarm system protects your home, there are additional benefits to adding external monitoring to your package. What are they?

1. Immediate Response When You're Away

Some intruders won't target homes with visible security systems; however, some will have a go even if you have an alarm if you obviously aren't at home. While some may do a runner when they set an alarm off, others won't.  

Experienced thieves will move quickly through your home and steal stuff even if the alarm has gone off. You're not there to deal with them and they might assume that they have some time before the alarm makes your neighbours start to worry.

If you have a monitoring deal, then your security company is on the case. Depending on the package you choose, they immediately alert you, a neighbour or the police. Some have their own mobile security staff and will send them to your home as soon as your alarm goes off.

This increases the chances of catching an intruder. At the very least, they may be forced to leave without taking anything if someone comes to check the alarm.

2. Extra Security When You're at Home

Some intruders break into homes while their residents are asleep at night. While their aim is to steal rather than hurt you, it can be a frightening experience to confront an intruder especially if you're on your own.

If you use a monitoring service, then you know that help is on the way. You can keep yourself safe until it arrives.

3. Maintenance and Repair Options

As well as providing help when someone tries to break into your home, some security system companies bundle maintenance and repair options into their contracts. For example, a company might give you an annual service to check that the system is working OK; they may also have technicians who can come out and fix problems if you have them.

This is a useful add-on. You may not always know when your system has a problem so a regular check gives you peace of mind. Quick repairs are also vital. After all, if your system breaks down, your home is unprotected.

To find out more about monitoring services, talk to home security system companies in your area.