Tips for Choosing the Best Fire Suppression Method for Your Facility

When you manage or own a warehouse, factory, or any type of manufacturing or industrial facility, you'll need to be concerned with the right fire suppression method for that building and all areas inside. Standard sprinklers can be good in many areas, but you may be concerned about the potential for water damage to raw materials, and water may not actually extinguish certain types of fires. Note a few tips for choosing the best fire suppression method for your facility so you know the right one for protecting your business. Read More 

Five Tips for Securing Your Doorway Without Losing Ventilation

Security doors can be essential if you want to keep your home or business secure from unwanted intruders. Worried that adding a strong door will keep out intruders as well as fresh air? Luckily, there are multiple options that can help. 1. Opt for a Security Screen Door In some cases, a screen door can provide the security you need. There are all kinds of security screens featuring mesh that can't be cut through or pushed through. Read More