Security Measures to Consider for Office Cleaning Services

When you hire a cleaning service for your office, you likely focus on the cleaning only. You want to make sure that the office is clean to corporate standards, but also that you are getting the services you need and the price that works for you. One of the things you may be overlooking with the office cleaning service is the security of your business and information. Here are some of the security measures you can take when you hire the office cleaning service.

Entrance in Office Security

One of the first steps you should take is to make sure the cleaning service employees that will be working on your office are entered in the security system at your office. This means that you have a log of who should be coming and going after hours and who should not. You should have a name as well as an image of the individual. This helps when footage needs to be pulled during incidents as it helps identify who the person is and why they were there. Depending on the type of business you have, you might also have a need for a security guard that works nights and weekends. They can keep a log of cleaning personnel that is allowed in, logging in what time they arrive and leave. This can be really helpful if you want to be extra careful.

Security Lock Cards

If you have certain rooms that you do not want the cleaning service employees to gain access to due to sensitive information, consider lock cards. These lock cards will allow them to access certain parts of the building and give no access to other parts. If the key card does not work, then they know they are not allowed in that area. This is a simple fix for the security aspect of keeping information private, but also for the occasional employee who may forget where they are allowed to clean and where they are not. When you have security guards on-site, they can also double-check the lock cards routinely.

Privacy Agreements

It may seem a bit like overkill, but having a privacy agreement between yourself and the cleaning service as well as the employees that will be cleaning the office is a solid option. It can give you the written security that the cleaning service and their employees agree to not disclose what they see in your office including plans for upcoming projects, written documentation, or files. This may not seem like it would be helpful, but it can come in handy if you are facing the need for legal action due to a breach in security.

Most cleaning services will not have an issue with you doing any of these suggestions. In fact, some of the larger companies that have experience with certain types of business will already have some of these options and more in place. Take advantage of these options for your own security and to ensure you are working with a reputable cleaning service.