Why Biometric Security Alarms Are Better Than Alarms Using Passwords

The security alarm that you install at your home determines whether or not your items are safe. Some of the available alarm options in the market include biometric alarms or those that use passwords. Below are several reasons why biometric security alarms are better compared to the use of passwords.

Entry is only made when you are present

When you are using passwords and codes, your presence is not required to gain entry into the house or to access your valuables. Someone can call you and you can give them the password. Although this appears to be very convenient, it is not. Suppose a burglar ambushes a visitor who is walking to your door and tries to get them to open the door. If you are not around, you can easily give your password or code so that your guest can be comfortable before you get home. However, since a biometric security alarm requires your presence to unlock your door, you will be protected from such incidences. It is also highly unlikely that the intruder will wait at your doorstep for you to come home and unlock your door.

Difficult to hack

Some intruders use encryption software to hack codes and passwords. The whole process takes several minutes whereby they connect a device to your entry portal and it hacks the password and unlocks the door. This process cannot be applied when you are using biometric protection since this cannot be changed regularly like passwords. Hacking such security systems is, therefore, more difficult.

Impossible to peep

Burglars have devised smarter ways to steal the codes that people use. This enables them to gain entry into your house without triggering the security alarms. One strategy that they use is placing miniature cameras above and directly opposite your door. They will then be able to record the password or code that you are using to access your house. Such burglars will monitor your schedule then casually walk to your door, enter the password and get in. You will only know what has happened when you get home and find that some of your valuables are missing. This strategy is impossible to use when you have installed a biometric alarm.

Always consult your security provider when you want to upgrade your security systems. This is because they have the right experience in the industry and can offer guidance and recommendations on the best security products to purchase.