Why Fit Steel Doors to Your Home?

On the face of it, steel security doors are industrial objects that make places look like prisons or bank vaults, and as such, they are unsuited to residential environments. However, with modern security doors made from high-strength materials like steel, homeowners will often feel much more secure in their properties, especially at night when they might suffer a break-in from a prowler. Knowing you have taken adequate security measures to keep you and your family safe means obtaining a great sense of peace of mind. For this reason alone, steel security doors are worth it. However, this is not the only reason to fit them. Read on to find out why.

Attractive Finishes

Although steel doors are incredibly durable and able to withstand attempts to batter them down from outside, they do not need to look like high-security items. If they did, they would probably attract more unwanted attention than you would like in a residential setting. However, modern security doors can be painted or powder-coated in a variety of different finishes, which means they will look very unobtrusive to passers-by and visitors. No one will need to know you have upgraded your home security when you fit them because they look much like conventional doors unless you get up close to them.

Superior Locks

It is worth noting that any exterior door, no matter how tough it may be, is only ever as secure as the lock that it is fitted with. In many cases, burglars will simply pick a lock to gain access to a property, which means that however strong the door itself is, a crime can still occur. That's why most high-quality steel security doors are fitted with multiple locking points that anchor them into their frames at different positions. Furthermore, their tumbler locks are often made to a higher specification, and you can even obtain ones with biometric door locks for even greater levels of security.

Fire Protection

If you live anywhere in the country where bushfires are a possibility, then steel security doors also make a great deal of sense. Most doors of this type create a tight seal around the frame that keeps flames at bay, thereby offering more protection than a typical external door could provide. Check out the fire rating of the security door you are considering fitting because this is an added benefit that could even save your life!

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