The Many Roles a Security Guard Can Play: A Guide

For many people, the image of a security guard is someone standing at an entrance or patrolling a site. However, security guards do much more than this. This article explores the many roles a security guard can play when protecting a property. Read on to discover more.

Controlling access

First thing's first, every good security guard needs to know how to control access to a site properly. This means asking people for their credentials if they are trying to gain entry without permission and explaining why they need them and where they should go if they do have the correct paperwork. Some other reasons could be loitering suspiciously or walking around without showing any business affiliation.

Monitoring CCTV

Security guards are sometimes known as the 'eyes on the ground'. They prevent retail crime by keeping watch over what goes on inside shops and other businesses via closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras. It is part of their duty to monitor these, looking for anything that might be suspicious or signs of shoplifting activity.

Assisting emergency evacuations

Although the job of a security officer is primarily about preventing crime, their duties are not limited to this alone. A good part of their role also involves providing help in case there is an accident or disaster. Whether it's fire, a terrorist incident or something else, they need to be trained in how to evacuate people from certain areas safely and quickly according to official guidelines.

Providing assistance to residential tenants

Security guards are sometimes employed by owners of large blocks of flats or houses who want to ensure the safety of their tenants. The inside of a building is just as much their responsibility as the outside, so tenants may contact them for help, which can include things like checking their mail, assisting with lockouts and calling emergency services.

Assisting with car parking enforcement

Car parking enforcement involves directing traffic or patrolling an area to prevent congestion. People assigned this role need to know the rules about where drivers are allowed to park and what they can block in terms of fire escapes or entrances.

Assisting with deliveries

Security guards work alongside staff members of warehouses (which sometimes double up as storage areas), giving delivery drivers access rights only when it's safe to do so and when their accreditation has been checked.

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