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3 Reasons to Add a Monitoring Service to Your Home Security System

If you're looking at home security systems at the moment, you have to decide whether to manage the system yourself or whether to sign up for a monitoring service. While any alarm system protects your home, there are additional benefits to adding external monitoring to your package. What are they? 1. Immediate Response When You're Away Some intruders won't target homes with visible security systems; however, some will have a go even if you have an alarm if you obviously aren't at home. Read More 

3 Smart Things To Do When Buying and Installing Security Systems For Your Small Business

Business security is as important as business profits or business health. In fact, your business cannot be healthy or have profits if it not secured to begin with. When choosing your business security systems, the following are some of the smart decisions to make. They will not only enhance your business security but also prolong the life of your business security systems.  1. Price range The price of your business security systems should not be more than your business value. Read More 

Why Biometric Security Alarms Are Better Than Alarms Using Passwords

The security alarm that you install at your home determines whether or not your items are safe. Some of the available alarm options in the market include biometric alarms or those that use passwords. Below are several reasons why biometric security alarms are better compared to the use of passwords. Entry is only made when you are present When you are using passwords and codes, your presence is not required to gain entry into the house or to access your valuables. Read More 

Sniffing Out Trouble: How Drug Detection Dogs Can Help to Secure Your Event

Whether you're running a large-scale festival or a well-contained club night, you are likely to be concerned about the passage of drugs into your venue.  The ethics of drug use are hotly debated, but they are irrelevant to events organisers; any illegal substances inside your venue may cause serious problems both in terms of attendee and staff safety and in legal terms.  As such, even if the law did not require it, you're likely to want to keep as much as possible out of your event. Read More 

Security Measures to Consider for Office Cleaning Services

When you hire a cleaning service for your office, you likely focus on the cleaning only. You want to make sure that the office is clean to corporate standards, but also that you are getting the services you need and the price that works for you. One of the things you may be overlooking with the office cleaning service is the security of your business and information. Here are some of the security measures you can take when you hire the office cleaning service. Read More